Kernel Latency

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The benchmark performance tests can be run without Onload using the regular kernel network drivers. To do this remove the onload --profile=… part from the command line.

Run the sfnt-pingpong application on both systems:

[sys-1]# taskset -c 1 sfnt-pingpong
[sys-2]# taskset -c 1 sfnt-pingpong --affinity "1;1" \
    <connect> <protocol> <sys-1_ip>


  • <connect> is --connect only for UDP, to use connect()
  • <protocol> is udp or tcp, as appropriate
  • <sys-1_ip> is the IP address of sys-1.

The output identifies mean, minimum, median and maximum (nanosecond) ½ RTT latency for increasing packet sizes, including the 99% percentile and standard deviation for these results.