Onload Options for the Control Plane Server

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The following Onload options configure the user-space Control Plane Server. For the latest details of options use the following command:

# modinfo onload
Table 1. Onload Options for the Control Plane Server
Option Description
cplane_init_timeout (int)

Time in seconds to wait for the control plane to initialize when creating a stack.

This initialization requires that the user-level control plane process be spawned if one is not already running for the current network namespace.

If this parameter is zero, stack-creation will fail immediately if the control plane is not ready.

If it is negative, stack-creation will block indefinitely in wait for the control plane.

cplane_spawn_server (bool)

If true, control plane server processes are spawned on-demand.

Typically this occurs when a stack is created in a network namespace in which there are no other stacks.

cplane_server_path Sets the path to the onload_cp_server binary. Defaults to /sbin/onload_cp_server if empty.
cplane_server_params Set additional parameters for the onload_cp_server server when it is spawned on-demand.
cplane_server_grace_timeout Time in seconds to wait before killing the control plane server after the last user has gone (that is, after the last Onload stack in this namespace has been destroyed). It is used with cplane_spawn_server = Y only.
cplane_route_request_limit (int) Queue depth limit for route resolution requests.
cplane_route_request_timeout_ms Time out value for route resolution requests.

Add this option in /etc/sysconfig/onload file to restrict access to users.

The server retains CAP_NET_ADMIN capability.

cplane_server_uid Restrict cplane access to specific user.
cplane_server_gid Restrict cplane access to specific user group.

If true, use a preferred source of any accelerated route in the same way as an address assigned to accelerated interface. This setting allows the acceleration of unbound connections via accelerated routes when the preferred source is assigned to another network interface.

See also oof_use_all_local_ip_addresses module parameter.