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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The onload_cp_server process has parameters that can be passed to it on startup. These parameters are usually specified by setting the cplane_server_params module option. For example, you might add the following line to a file in the /etc/modprobe.d directory:

options onload cplane_server_params="--llap-max=100 --fwd-max=512"

These parameters can also be given with the environment variable CI_OPTS:

Table 1. Parameters for onload_cp_server
Parameter Description Default
-s --dump Interval between table dump, in seconds 3
--no-listen Do not listen for netlink updates false
--fwd-refresh Interval between fwd cache housekeeping, in seconds 5
-t --time-to-live Time-to-live for forward cache entries, in seconds 300
-K --log-to-kmsg Log to /dev/kmsg (with -D only) false
--affinity CPU mask to set the cp_server affinity to. Limited to 64 CPUs. -1
-l --llap-max Maximum number of network interfaces (including “lo”) 32
-b --bond-max Maximum number of bond/team interfaces and their ports 64
-m --mac-max Maximum number of ARP entries in the system (will be rounded up to a power of 2) 1024
-f --fwd-max

Maximum number of remote addresses used by Onload (will be rounded up to a power of 2).

The default value is usually sufficient; but might need to be increased for complex routing setups.

-r --fwd-req-max Ignored
--bond-base-period Interval between background bond-state polls, in milliseconds 100
--bond-peak-period Interval between peak-rate bond-state polls, in milliseconds 10
--bond-peak-polls Number of peak-rate bond polls before reverting to background rate 20
--bond-3ad-period interval between re-dumping bond-3ad slave state, in milliseconds 100

The following additional parameters are automatically set when the Onload drivers launch the onload_cp_server process.

Note: The default values shown in the following table are for when the process is not started by the Onload drivers.)
Table 2. Additional Parameters for onload_cp_server
Parameter Description Default
--network-namespace-file Path to a file specifying the network namespace to manage
-D --daemonise Daemonise at start and log to syslog false
--bootstrap Manage the namespace even if there are no clients false
-h --hwport-max

Maximum number of hardware ports

When Onload is starting the onload_cp_server process, set this via CI_CFG_MAX_HWPORTS.

-i --ipif-max

Maximum number of local IP addresses (on all interfaces)

When Onload is starting the onload_cp_server process, set this via CI_CFG_MAX_LOCAL_IPADDRS

--force-bonding-netlink Only use netlink (and not ioctls) for determining bonding state false
--no-ipv6 Disable IPv6 support false

For the latest details of parameters use the following command:

# onload_cp_server --help