Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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1.2 English
This install procedure makes the following assumptions - ensure these components are created/installed before continuing:
  • Docker is installed on the host server.
  • Identical Onload versions must be installed on the host and in the container.
  • The Onload installation in a container must match the Onload installation on the host. Configuration options such as any CI_CFG_* options set in one environment must match those set in the other.

In addition to requiring that char devices nodes for onload, onload_epoll and sfc_char be present in /dev, Onload requires that the procfs and sysfs filesystems be mounted respectively at /proc and /sys, and that those mounts be in the same network namespace as the stack. These properties are all arranged correctly when containers are created according to the instructions in Installation below.