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Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The Onload Remote Monitor (ORM) provides similar details to onload_stackdump about Onload stacks and sockets. This data is exported in JSON format, which might be easier for an application to consume. The data is typically processed by a remote third-party monitoring application, such as collectd.

Two scripts are supplied:

  • orm_webserver provides the data via a webserver, for remote consumption.

    See orm_webserver.

  • orm_json provides the data to stdout, for local consumption.

    See orm_json.

These scripts are installed via the onload_install script, in the following directory:


(from OpenOnload 201606-u1 onwards and EnterpriseOnload 5.0.0 onwards).

From Onload-7.1.0 onwards, most of the ORM functionality has been separated into a new orm_json_lib library. The orm_webserver and orm_json scripts now internally use this library, and customers can also use it to build their own custom monitoring solutions. See orm_json_lib.