TCP Level Options

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Onload TCP supports the following TCP options which can be used in the setsockopt() and getsockopt() function calls

Table 1. TCP Options for setsockopt() and getsockopt()
Option Description
TCP_CORK Stops sends on segments less than MSS size until the connection is uncorked.
TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT A connection is ESTABLISHED after handshake is complete instead of leaving it in SYN-RECV until the first real data packet arrives. The connection is placed in the accept queue when the first data packet arrives.
TCP_INFO Populates an internal data structure with tcp statistic values.
TCP_KEEPALIVE_ABORT_THRESHOLD How long to try to produce a successful keepalive before giving up.
TCP_KEEPALIVE_THRESHOLD Specifies the idle time for keepalive timers.
TCP_KEEPCNT Number of keepalives before giving up.
TCP_KEEPIDLE Idle time for keepalives.
TCP_KEEPINTVL Time between keepalives.
TCP_MAXSEG Gets the MSS size for this connection.
TCP_NODELAY Disables Nagle’s Algorithm and small segments are sent without delay and without waiting for previous segments to be acknowledged.
TCP_QUICKACK When enabled ACK messages are sent immediately following reception of the next data packet. This flag will be reset to zero following every use. It is a one time option. New connections start in a mode where all packets are acknowledged, and so this value initially defaults to 1.