Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Before TCPDirect can be built and installed:

  • The system must support a build environment capable of compiling kernel modules. Refer to Build Dependencies for more details.
  • The system must provide the libstdc++ package. This is an additional build dependency for TCPDirect, To add this package:
    # yum install libstdc++-static
  • You must already have installed the following:
    • the auxiliary bus driver
    • the xilinx_efct network driver
    • Onload.

To build and install TCPDirect:

  1. Set the ONLOAD_TREE environment variable to the path of the unpacked Onload build tree:
    # export ONLOAD_TREE=<path>/onload-<version>
  2. Download the tcpdirect-<version>.tgz file from the NIC Software and Drivers web page.
  3. Unpack the tar file using the tar command:
    # tar -zxvf tcpdirect-<version>.tgz
  4. Enter the top directory of the unpacked TCPDirect tree:
    # cd tcpdirect-<version>
  5. Run the make command:
    # make