Use with X3-series Adapters

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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Applications are unaffected, Onload deals with underlying architectural differences, and the data visible to the application via the sockets API is unaffected.

The following architectural differences affect receive:

  • Maximum of 256 filters.
  • Filtering is by 3-tuple (remote IP address and port).
  • No receive-side scaling.

The following architectural differences affect transmit:

  • Maximum of 15 applications for unshared TX queues (16 queues).
  • All transmission is by reliable CTPIO with stable performance.
  • No hardware checksums.
  • Frequent polling is essential to achieve reasonable packet rate due to small transmit buffer in hardware.

The following difference affect tuning:

  • On X3522 the xilinx_efct net driver must perform regular work to keep the RX path supplied with buffers, including when using Onload/TCPDirect/ef_vi.
  • Ensure that xilinx_efct interrupts are delivered to CPU cores that have sufficient capacity and can be handled in a timely fashion to avoid underruns.

For more detailed information about X3-series adapters and their differences from predecessors, see the Alveo X3522 User Guide (UG1523).