Using onload_tcpdump

Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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1.2 English

For help use the ./onload_tcpdump -h command:

onload_tcpdump [-o stack-(id|name) [-o stack ...]] tcpdump_options_and_parameters
"man tcpdump" for details on tcpdump parameters.
You may use stack id number or shell-like pattern for the stack name
to specify the Onload stacks to listen on.
If you do not specify stacks, onload_tcpdump will monitor all onload stacks.
If you do not specify interface via -i option, onload_tcpdump
listens on ALL interfaces instead of the first one.

For further information refer to the Linux man tcpdump pages.

Note: Onload tcpdump only accepts separate command line options - combined options will be ignored by the application parser:

The following example will work:

onload_tcpdump -n -i <interface>

The following example will not work:

onload_tcpdump -ni <interface>