Onload User Guide (UG1586)

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The following limitations apply to VLANs:

  • Onload will only accelerate traffic over VLANs where the master device is either a Solarflare network device, or over a bonded interface that is accelerated. If the VLAN's master is accelerated, then so is the VLAN interface itself.
  • Nested VLAN tags are not accelerated, but will function as normal.
  • The ifconfig command will return inconsistent statistics on VLAN interfaces (not master interface).
  • When a Solarflare VLAN tagged interface is subsequently placed in a bond, the interface will continue to be accelerated, but the bond is not accelerated.
  • Using SFN8000 and X2 series adapters with the low-latency firmware variant, the following limitation applies:

    Hardware filters installed by Onload on the adapter will only act on the IP address and port, but not the VLAN identifier. Therefore if the same IP address:port combination exists on different VLAN interfaces, only the first interface to install the filter will receive the traffic.

    This limitation does not apply to SFN8000 and X2 series adapters using the full-feature firmware variant.

In cases where Onload will not accelerate the traffic it will continue to work via the OS network stack.

For more information and details and configuration options refer to the Setting Up VLANs section of the Solarflare Server Adapter User Guide.