Freerun VMs

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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From a VM running sfptpd with the freerun.cfg configuration, output similar to the following should be observed.

Note: ens224 is the sfptpd interface (VF) in this example.
2019-01-06 16:14:01.125088 [servo0:phc0->system], offset: -5.312, freq-adj: 342.116, in-sync: 1
2019-01-06 16:14:01.125088 warning: clock phc0(ens224): failed to set sync status: Operation not permitted.
  • The first line identifies the time offset (nanoseconds) of the guest OS system clock from the adapter clock.
  • On the second line a warning is generated because a VF which is not the Local Master is not permitted to adjust the adapter hardware clock. This can be ignored.

Additional Log Files

sfptpd will generate additional log files in the /var/lib/sfptpd directory.