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Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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Each state file contains status information.

Note: The contents of this file depend on the current PTP mode and position of the clock in the PTP hierarchy. A state file exists for each sync module and for the server system clock.

The following table describes the values in a typical state file:

Table 1. File: state-<sync_module> or state-<clock_UUID>
Name Description
clock-name Identify the clock using this clock-id.
clock-id The clock UUID.

ptp_slave | ptp_master

Also identifies if the clock is subject to any current alarms.

interface Identifies the PTP clock interface.
timestamping Current timestamping mode.
offset-from -master Offset (nanoseconds) of LRC from the master clock.
one-way-delay One-way-delay (nanoseconds) between LRC and master clock.
freq-adjustment-ppb Current frequency correction value used to discipline this clock.
observed-drift Drift in nanoseconds of slave LRC to master clock.

0: observed offset > local_sync_threshold option

1: observed offset < local_sync_threshold option

(The default for the local_sync_threshold is 1µs when using hardware timestamping, and 100µs for software timestamping.)

steps-removed Steps removed from the master clock.
parent-clock-id UUID of the PTP parent clock. If there is a boundary clock between LRC and the master clock this will identify the boundary clock.
parent-port-num Port number relayed to the server by the master clock in the SourcePortID parameter.
grandmaster-id The UUID grandmaster clock constructed from the grandmaster hardware address.
grandmaster-clock-class The current Grandmaster class value.
grandmaster-clock-accuracy The current Grandmaster accuracy value.
grandmaster-priority1 The current Grandmaster priority 1 value.
grandmaster-priority2 The current Grandmaster priority 2 value.
current-utc-offset The current UTC offset in seconds from TAI value specified in the config file with the ptp-utc-offset value.
leap-59 1 indicates a leap second is scheduled.
leap-61 1 indicates a leap second is scheduled.