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Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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The following commands on the ESXi host identify VF availability and stats:

Identify SRIOV NICs

esxcli network sriovnic list

Name    PCI Device    Driver  Link  Speed  Duplex  MAC Address        MTU
vmnic4  0000:81:00.0  sfc     Up    10000  Full    00:0f:53:45:f3:30  1500   

Solarflare SFC9220

Identify VFs on the SRIOV NIC

esxcli network sriovnic vf list -n vmnic4

VF ID  Active  PCI Address     Owner World ID
-----  ------  --------------  --------------
    0    true  00000:129:00.2  68953
    1    true  00000:129:00.3  69105

Display Stats Counters per VF

esxcli network sriovnic vf stats -n vmnic4 -v 0

   NICName: vmnic4
   Rx Broadcast Bytes: 0
   Rx Broadcast Pkts: 0
   Rx Errordrops: 0
   Rx LROBytes: 0
   Rx LROPkts: 0
   Rx Multicast Bytes: 0
   Rx Multicast Pkts: 0
   Rx Outof Bufferdrops: 0
   Rx Unicast Bytes: 0
   Rx Unicast Pkt: 0
   Tx Broadcast Bytes: 0
   Tx Broadcast Pkts: 0
   Tx Discards: 0
   Tx Errors: 0
   Tx Multicast Bytes: 0
   Tx Multicast Pkts: 0
   Tx TSOBytes: 0
   Tx TSOPkts: 0
   Tx Unicast Bytes: 0
   Tx Unicast Pkt: 0
   VFID: 0


  • -n identifies the physical PTP adapter interface in the ESXi host.
  • -v identifies the VF ID.