Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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Many instances configurations are supported on SFN7000 and later series adapters.

This file shows how to configure sfptpd to act as a PTP slave listening to multiple PTP domains:

  • Three PTP sync modules are instantiated using the sync_module option:
    • Each instance is allocated to a different PTP domain using the ptp_domain option
  • All instances are configured to act as a PTP slave by using the ptp_mode option in the generic [ptp] section
  • All instances use ptp_tx_latency and ptp_rx_latency options in the generic [ptp] section that can be used to compensate for latency through the interface (see PPS Measurements)
  • Any PTP traffic is transmitted using hybrid mode by using the ptp_network_mode option in the generic [ptp] section (see Hybrid Mode).