sfptpd in Operation

Enhanced PTP User Guide (UG1602)

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The following charts show sfptpd performance when the network adapter is configured in PTP slave mode to a third party Grandmaster clock via a network switch. In this example Ethernet interface 4 (eth4) is the interface receiving PTP packets and sfptpd is disciplining the system clock.

Figure 1. Offset of Adapter’s Clock to the PTP Master

Figure 2. Offset of the System Clock to the Adapter’s Clock

Figure 3. Offset of the Server’s System Clock to the PTP Master

The charts below identify sfptpd performance when two PTP network adapters are present and configured in a bonded interface in a PTP slave server. Arrows on the chart identify what happens during bond failover and failback events.

The upper chart shows the consistent offset of the server’s system clock from the clock on the active port during repeated bond failover and failback events. For the same period, the middle chart shows the offset of the active adapter clock from the external grandmaster during the failover and failback of the bonded ports. For the same period the lower chart shows the offset of the server system clock from the external PTP master clock.

Figure 4. Bonding Failover Performance