UltraScale Architecture SelectIO Resources User Guide (UG571)

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The bidirectional input/output buffer primitive (IOBUFE3) is only supported in HP I/O banks (This Figure). This UltraScale architecture specific primitive has functions similar to the IOBUF_DCIEN along with controls for offset calibration and VREF tuning with input buffer disable (IBUFDISABLE) and on-die input termination control (DCITERMDISABLE) for the input buffer. The offset calibration feature is accessed using the OSC_EN and OSC[3:0] ports. The VREF scan feature is accessed using the HPIO_VREF primitive in conjunction with IOBUFE3.

Figure 1-33:      IOBUFE3 Primitive—Bidirectional I/O Buffer with Offset Calibration and VREF Tuning (HP I/O Banks Only)

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